6 Tips for a showstopping blackberry and apple pie

Tip 1

Make sure your eggs are at room temperature for a richer pastry. A simple but effective trick.

Tip 2

Try grating your Lurpak butter before adding to the flour. Working the butter into the flour will be quicker and the pastry will keep cool resulting in a crisper finish. Be careful not to overwork your pastry. Work quickly and move away when the pastry has just come together.

Tip 3

To make your pie extra special, add a knob of Lurpak on top of the filling before topping with pastry for sweeter fruit.

Tip 4

Make sure your oven is pre-heated before cooking your pastry. If you put pastry in the oven on a low heat it will shrink. And if it’s left out on the side waiting for the oven to come to temperature, it will shrink too.

Tip 5

For a crispier, firmer base, brush your lined pastry case with egg. Pre-heating a tray in the oven before putting your pie in to cook will help too.

Tip 6

Toss the fruit with sugar, spices, lemon and butter and let it stand in the fridge overnight.  This will allow the natural juices to release, remove the fruit pieces and reduce the juices in a pan then add back together. The result will be a rich filling, full of flavour.