Lurpak infusions

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Whether it’s a wrap, a pitta or a flatbread, it’s time to bring instant flavour to any creation.

It's out with the bland and in with the bold. Be it a wrap, a pitta, or a flatbread, it's time to redefine your creations with new Lurpak Infusions. Be it Smoked Chipotle, Chilli & Lime or Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn, these three flavours are what your taste buds have been waiting for. #SpreadTheFlavour

Three Bold Flavours

Smoked Chipotle

Spread some smoky sweetness on your wraps with Lurpak® Infusions Smoked Chipotle.

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Chilli & Lime

Add a little zing to your flatbread by spreading on Lurpak® Infusions Chilli & Lime, which combines the sweet zest of lime and  fiery chilli.

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Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn

Give your pittas a peppery kick with a spread of Lurpak® Infusions Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn.

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