OPEN, mash, mix, spread, fry, roast, and CLOSE. With mess-free Lurpak® Butterbox, creating good food is easy-peasy.


The classic Lurpak® butter you love, just in a box, giving you mess-free butter every day. Whether you’re mashing potatoes on a Monday or roasting up a storm on a Sunday, you can cook the food you love with ease all week. Now, isn’t that neat?

Not only can you cook without the mess, but Lurpak® Butterbox is also recyclable, making each use even more satisfying.

Mix & Mash Day Sweet Potatoes

Master mash day with these buttery sweet potatoes with smoky harissa

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Roast Day Sausage & Vegetable Tray Bake

Make it a roast day to remember with this sizzling sausage and vegetable tray bake

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Fry-Day Zesty Pancakes

These fry-day pancakes have an orange and cardamom sauce topped with crunchy pistachios

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